Llywodraeth Cymru, The Welsh Government commissioned us to provide their engagement platform at the Royal Welsh Show and across workshops, conferences and live events in Wales.

Designed to help Welsh people engage with their own language the Apps are part of a wider commitment to demonstrate the wide range of resources available to help adults learn Welsh. Based on iPads and built as an App the Welsh Language App brings together a wide range our resources in one place if a form that will demonstrate the depth of material.

The App is an ongoing project and will be expanded as more material comes online. As part of the process we are building competitions and now a learning game aimed at young children and their parents to learn and engage with Welsh.

The App will soon be launched on the App Store in 2013.

Apps are a great way to engage with a wide audience and with sales over 140 million since 2010 they are a great way to provide information direct to customers and allow them to interact with your brand via games, infographics and social networks.