Parkare, a Spanish manufacturer of parking equipment, purchased one of our long-standing clients, Alfia. The Parkare Group, consisting of Mabyc, Ibersegur and now Alfia, is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking automation and revenue control systems.

Following the transfer to Parkare the Managing Director, Peter Sands asked us to review the whole approach to their marketing, and to look at how the Parkare identity could be integrated with Alfia’s. Parkare wanted to drop the Alfia name but felt that should be a progression not a single change, therefore over a period of years we have moved the design of the marketing materials, firstly incorporating the strong brand colours and logo but moving these to the Parkare brand in time.

The brochure was moved away from being a product brochure to something that was aimed at becoming benefit based. This focused on the key points of having a Parkare system, and make it clearer why their equipment is more customer focused than their competitors.

The style developed for the brochure was also applied across the data sheets that provided specific information on each product. We also used the icon images, colour scheme and copy messages on the graphics for the exhibition stand.

Now four years into the process the Alfia been dropped from all materials. The strong yellow has been phased out and the progression to the new brand has been successfully completed with no adverse effect on the existing client base and the wider industry.

We are now implementing a wider engagement plan with comment and content in traditional and online media as we move Parkare from interruption to a fully engagement model.