Leadbitter are an award winning private construction company based across the UK. In February Leadbitter contacted Creation to give their tenders an added polish and really make them stand out. The project involved the initial design phase and then prepare for the first of the tenders to go into production.

The first part of the project was to provide a design that built on the already good start but took the design beyond what they could achieve inhouse. The new design gave a cleaner page layout with identifiable sections and graphics. The colour key make finding the sections easy the type was easy to read. One of the key sections to the tenders are the team who work on the projects. We devised an approach that gave a human face to the teams, show how the team integrates and the key skills each member has.

The first tender was to be produced for the Penarth Learning Community, a new school proposal in Wales. The document was about 160 pages in length and we had about 4 days to turn the whole project round including proofing, artwork and cropping and cutting out 50 images (6 hours work alone).

The success of any project is did it deliver? This one did and Leadbitter have been awarded the contract with a value of about £42 million. The project was a great success and we really look forward to helping Leadbitter with future tenders. The whole team at Creation really put their soles into this project to ensure that it was delivered on time as some much was at stake.