Why Social Media?

We all understand the need to have a website – and may see the need for social media – but many clients don’t really know how to get the most out of these mediums or how they fit into a marketing strategy. Below are a few tips on how to utilise some social media channels to help create great Engagement Marketing.


Many see Instagram as just the place to post their #selfie and don’t consider how it might be used as an effective marketing tool. Instagram is a great place to showcase the culture of your company and products. With the new video function you can share truly personalised content and many ways to show your followers what a day in the life of your business is like and let them see the people behind the brand.


Twitter was the fastest growing social channel back in 2010 after which its growth stalled for a few years. Now, Twitter has started to grow again and is becoming more about direct and personal communication. It’s a great place for a local businesses to reach people using the social and geographic search tools, find people nearby and to learn what’s important to them. For example, a local shop might search hashtags for #anniversarygift and find local people who are asking to be found. You can then share with them what makes your shop and products so great.


Put away the layout pad or sketch book and use Pinterest as your digital storyboard. Post your favorite content as ‘pins’ with insight to new ideas and trends. A retailer or interior designer will get insights to their customers creative and unique ideas through interactive use of this social channel. Ask your customers to tell you the ideas they like and then you can craft your products and ideas to resonate with them.

So you see, there are plenty of ways to use Social Media as an engagement marketing tool. Each one has its own advantages and you’ll need to develop a tone of voice that’s appropriate for the audience. Post useful and interesting information about your products, help followers understand them and how they use them.

And remember, people DO use Social Media to shape their buying habits even if they don’t realise it.

By Nick Wood - Partner, Creation Design Partnership

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Typography Trends

Peaks and Troughs in Typography Trends

Typography has undergone a great number of changes in the modern era, with the juggle between readability and style in an ever-tumbling battle. Recently at Creation in Bristol we have seen a trend emerging, a balance has been struck between legibility and standing out, by way of design and drama.

This is used to elaborate on the importance of certain words or phrases, to draw the eye to distinct places. This is achieved through a number of methods; after all, simple and dramatic type intersect definitions frequently.

Within graphic design, the increased availability of typefaces and means in which to use them has allowed for the more simplistic fonts - usually sans serif, as recent trends dictate - to thrive, and be given a brief makeover for striking reading. For example, a common trend amongst graphic designers is the inclusion of a dark background, frequently a low-opacity black over an image, and basic white cover text; a combination that allows the text to be centre stage, with bolding reserved for the imperatives.

There is no telling how long this trend will remain in vogue. The rise of imperfections through chalkboard and handwritten fonts is prominent in both commercial and personal projects, but, no matter what it may be, it’s compelling to think of the possible trends to come next.  With Bristol being a hub of original ideas, you can be sure the team at Creation Design will always be looking at the new trends in typography and learning from them.

If you want to chat all things type, drop Rob a line or post questions here. Rob is also working on his own typeface which he hopes to launch in 2016 so we will keep you posted on that one.

Branding Design

Branding and logo design is all around us in Bristol. To the potential client, logos serve as an instant reminder of your company or product; to Creation’s clients they’re the point of recognition on which their branding hangs; and to our graphic designers at Creation they represent the challenge of incorporating our clients’ ideologies into one single graphic.

No wonder, then, that logo design features so prominently in our lives. In an age where everyone must have a website to support their product, service or the company behind it, the demand for a top-class logo has never been higher.

If you are thinking about rebranding or updating your logo then get in touch with Nick or Kelly at #branding #logo #bristol

What is graphic design?

Most people have a vague idea of what a graphic designer in Bristol does. Creating logos for businesses? Working with images in Photoshop? Making magazine ads? Many designers do these things, but they’re just small elements of a much bigger picture we produce at Creation in Bristol.

Good Graphic design is all around us in Bristol.
Have a message or a product you want people to notice? If you’re trying communicate a concept in a visual then you’ll be using graphic design to get your message across. From pouring your morning cereal to waiting for the last bus home from the pub, you’ll find yourself exposed to the work of a graphic designers.

At Creation in Bristol we see graphic design as solving problems visually.
A graphic designer at Creation uses text, illustrations, symbols, photography, textures, colours and letterforms to create print and web-based design for a huge variety of our clients. All our graphic designers are essentially visual problem-solvers who work on such as branding, packaging, publishing, advertising and digital design … all rely on effective graphic design to get the user’s attention and get to the heart of what the client is trying to say.

Graphic design is about communication.
Good communication skills are an essential part of the Creation designer’s toolkit. Making designs that look great on the page is good, but the most important part of the graphic design process happens even before we put pen to paper—listening to and interpreting what our client needs. What is the underlying problem they’re trying to solve? Once this has been established the designer can work with our clients to find the best way to visually communicate their message to the target audience and impact them in a positive way. 

To find our more about our graphic design skills in Bristol, contact Creation Design Partnership on 0117 3258001 #graphic design bristol #creationdesign

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing, the Difference

Two major discussions that regularly come up within Creation are marketing and branding, but they are often mixed up and used interchangeably by non-industry professionals. To explain the difference between them it helps to understand what each term means on its own. They both refer to the means of spreading information, but they each have their own specific uses.

So What Is Branding?
This can be defined as the process by which a company’s reputation is reduced to a single word. Brands are representations of a particular company that are easy to recognize, it means that a user can instantly know who they are dealing with. When at Creation we are branding a company we set set out to give personality as well as attaching a set of attributes that will appeal to the primary audience’s demographic. Two different examples of this are Toyota, a company that is regarded for its production of reliable cars, or Volvo, who have high safety records. By building their brands based on an easily recognized attribute, there is a unique appeal created for their customers. This gives the business more depth and prevents it from becoming another faceless organisation.

So What Is Marketing?
The term marketing refers to all interactions with the customer and the use of models in the development of targeted advertising that reaches out to specific types of consumers. It includes all forms of advertisement. Furthermore, it deals with comprehending the consumer or audience before finding ways to use this in depth understanding.

How are Marketing and Branding Connected?
Marketing and branding are concerned with distributing information to the customer. They are different features of a companies overall content development scheme. When marketing, it is important to incorporate branding in order to acquire loyalty from your customers. Through branding, you can represent your company in a particular way and build from the information that you gain by marketing. On the other hand, marketing allows for the growth of a mutual relationship with your customers and thus introduces them to the branded theme. These terms are not interchangeable, however they still go hand in hand.

What Is the Major Difference between Branding and Marketing?
In short, marketing is considered tactical whilst branding is strategic. Marketing is the presentation of the company and this will contribute to the overall branding.

Once the marketing campaign has ended, the brand loyalty will still remain it doesn’t try to impact the consumer’s feelings towards the product in the long-term. In summary, it simply convinces the customer of the products benefits. In contrast to this, branding seeks to grasp the long-term view of the consumer. Through the brand’s strategic leverage, a customer’s loyalty can be used to help gain a sale with the company. By cultivating your brand image in a specific way, the customer will learn to associate a particular idea with the brand.

So marketing discovers buyers and then encourages them to buy. Branding takes this even further, by converting these consumers into loyal customers. By building brand loyalty you are able to make loyal customers from one-time buyers, you can then develop a ready audience and market that look forward to hearing your message.

Which Is Better to Invest In?
They are both good investments and produce their own different types of returns. It is easy for marketing to be done wrongly, which as a result could become a black hole, where a lot of budget is invested with limited results. However, well-researched marketing can produce great investment returns, but it is important to remember that a campaign’s success depends on the amount of effort that is invested as well as the amount of money. Returns can be seen in conversions and sales.

Due to being a long-term investment, branding is often more easily adjusted as time goes on. Although catastrophic failures do sometimes occur in branding, it is often the case that these as these are a result of bad planning, not a lack of budget. Customer loyalty is the return that you can get from branding; it can then be used repeatedly. Marketing is required in order to make branding work successfully, but the main benefits come from securing a base of loyal customers that can be called on when a new product is released.

Developing a User Base
Through obtaining a body of supporters, you can gain far more than through simply renting an audience of customers. Without gaining a loyal following, you must return your borrowed audiences and whatever efforts you have put into the marketing campaign that targets them becomes worthless. Merging your marketing and branding allows you to retain a customer base.

Furthermore, once you have gained a loyal following, you have also created a network of customers that will help to promote and spread your brand. Through cultivating a brand you potentially create “brand evangelists” that will support and boast your products without taking up your time in spreading the word.  This is where Engagement Marketing comes into play with Social Media.

Branding Is the Way Forward
Without branding, marketing won’t allow you to develop an audience that is open-minded and engaged to the message that you are giving out. Branding is the foundation of an audience’s interest in the message you present; it can help to save you a lot of time and effort each time you progress your marketing content. Your marketing is to be used to develop your branding, but there is a clear distinction between the two. It is important for you distinguish one from the other in order to confirm what you will accomplish with each. Creation have the skill and ability to create content for both branding and marketing purposes.


This is what you should aim to achieve so that you can develop your branding in a professional manner.

To find out more about Branding design or Marketing from Creation, contact Nick or Katie who will be happy to discuss this in more detail. #branding

New domains released

ICANN the controller of all website domain names has been releasing a wide range of new domain endings.  We recently changed the Creation Design website to and also registered and  These new domains are being snapped up fast and with more than 1,300 new generic Top-Level domains (gTLDs) being released it will change the way we use business names on the internet and cause the biggest shake-up the Internet has ever known.


If you would like to find out more or bag a new name for our company then get in touch but if your preferred choice is not available yet, don’t worry many new domain extensions are just weeks from launching. #domains #websites

Bristol graphic design – keep it local with Creation Design

If you are starting up a business in Bristol and it is the local market you are aiming at, then it makes sense when creating the image for your business to use a local Bristol graphic designer. Why? Well at the Creation Design Partnership we like to feel we have a good understanding of what works and what appeals to the Bristolian population, and what does not. Just because Bristol is a large city and to a degree a busy metropolis, that doesn’t automatically mean that what might work in London will work in Bristol. Know your market is critical to the success of any business, and that applies as much to us as Bristol graphic designers as it does to you as a business.

Moving on to wider fields, here at Creation we also understand the importance of perfect graphic design when creating the complete package for a successful online business. From the design of a user-friendly and Google-friendly website to help you with your search engine page ranking, through to brand engagement and social media marketing, we can cover all aspects of your business from the promotional aspect. 

Today it is no longer sufficient to create a website, do some SEO work and wait for clients and customers to find you. Today you have to go out and find them. With the advancements in mobile technology and with everyone on the go, it is hard to pin people down. Clever graphic design to create an image that conveys the correct message is vital, and here at Creation we like to think we have a good understanding of exactly what is required to create that all-important initial impact, one designed to drive your message home at the first available opportunity. Collaboration is also key to the creation of the right image for a business, so to get the ball rolling on that front, why not give us a call and let’s at least have an informal chat about how we can take a load off your mind when it comes to creating the right image for your local Bristol business.

You need help to keep up with moving online trends

Here at Creation we may be a Bristol graphic design firm, but that doesn’t mean to say that we just sit at our desks all day designing. Today’s business world is so complex and competitive that having only one string to your bow can be risky, unless you have created a niche market for yourself.

What we have seen over the last five years is the dramatic sea-change in the way the Internet is being used, both from a social as well as commercial point of view. Where the majority of traffic on the internet was from desktops, today many areas in the world are now experiencing over 50% internet traffic from mobile devices. That means you have to ensure your website design is now mobile friendly and created in such a way as to have impact on a small screen as opposed to a larger monitor. In addition, with the changes to Google’s algorithms, having a mobile-friendly website will help with your search engine page ranking. So, while we are a very popular Bristol graphic design business, we not only help to design an image for your business and create a complimentary website, but we can also get your business recognised through clever media marketing, particularly through social media campaigns. Yes, even a social media campaign can benefit from clever graphic design as each and every time we contact anyone who is a potential client or customer, we need to imprint your company’s image in their subconscious.


Much as we recognise brands when we go to the supermarket, our business as Bristol graphic designers is to get your brand instantly recognised and to convey the message you want it to. We like to think that the Creation Design Partnership has all you need for a one-stop-shop for the set up or promotion of an existing business, bringing it bang up to date as today’s competitive world demands. #Graphic designers #Bristol Graphic Design #Bristol #CreationPartnership

By the time you have worked out what is happening with the internet, something will have changed!

It is very much an exponential curve the way the Internet is being used to promote business. When it all started a few breakthrough enterprises had the foresight to see the ‘web’s potential and invested heavily in it. Such an example would be Amazon. Have you noticed that while so much has changed about Amazon’s website and business model, one thing hasn’t changed, the corporate logo, an image that is probably as recognisable as MacDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, or even Coca Cola. Good graphic design along with intelligent marketing and anything is possible with the Internet.

Okay we don’t work with such giants as these names, but we work with a good number of established businesses where we have helped either launch them, or create a new image that is more in keeping with the way businesses are perceived today. Time stands still for nobody, innovation is key, but familiarity is also crucial. To be able to establish your brand image early on as a business can open so many doors and secure your future.

Brand image is crucial as it represents trust, loyalty, quality and reassurance. It is a heavy burden for one element of your business, and one we take very seriously at Creation. We are now established Bristol graphic designers and we understand the ever changing vagaries of the forever and rapidly evolving commercial opportunities offered by the internet. It is our job to keep you visible, with the right image and brand, and to target the correct market for your business. With so much spam clogging up email accounts, we look to find alternative ways to reach your potential customers and client, and we aim to do so by identifying and targeting the right people, not go for the hit and hope methods of blanket coverage. To find out more of what we can do for you and the image of your business, contact us at Creation and we’ll be glad to help you navigate the choppy waters of the Internet….