Bottelino’s are a well established local restaurant chain with outlets across the South West; Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Weston-super-Mare. Bottelino’s appointed Creation in 2010 to take over the design and implementation of their Engagement, marketing and design. They had launched two new websites but had not considered how online marketing would drive traffic to their sites.

As part of the Engagement program the individual restaurants are encouraged to become very socially aware. Using all the social channels they drive active conversations with the customers, checking in via mobile devices, liking comments and news feeds, responding to tweets and posting photo’s.

In the engagement strategy customers are encouraged to have a dialogue with the staff that are empowered to comment and start the conversation. Social media is used as a tool to deliver offers and events direct to users via newsfeeds on their social accounts.

Digital marketing is also used as a solution to bridge the gap between the customers in the restaurants and online. Our own digital platform is used to manage and deliver their email marketing. A simple solution to implement, the platform manages the signup via online forms across all parts of the site. Email lists are segmented to allow Bottelino’s complete control of the best performing lists and to allow us carefully target customers. It takes only minutes to put together a campaign, test and send.

Also we help Bottelino’s set up auto generated content, sending birthday cards with special offers automatically with full tracking. Engagement marketing is the essential part of the marketing mix and is set to grow for Bottelino’s as they see the tangible results it brings. Each element is now driving business to the other.