The Blades aerobatic team display their flying skills at a wide range of corporate events. They offer the chance to go flying with the world famous Red Arrows Pilots - a thrill you'll never forget!

The Blades are on the hunt for a new sponsor for the 2014 flying season and needed to gain attention from potential large brands. The Blades offer a unique opportunity to provide a flying platform to promote a brand to millions of people throughout the flying year at airshows and live events.

The Direct item needed to be unique and generate the element of fun that flying with the Blades provides. Also branding a plane is a very niche opportunity so we needed to make sure the recipient understood the proposition and what the Blades can deliver in terms of brand awareness. The direct mail pack which was to be sent to brand directors and marketing directors for the top 100 brands in the Europe and the UK was designed around the plane. A cardboard model plane was designed which was held on an A4 carry card which demonstrates the Blades potential but also adds fun in making the plane up from a kit of parts.

This provided a memorable hook which provided good levels of recall when followed up. The planes where supplied with a designed and unique carrier which doubled as the delivery envelope and also the call to action to build the plane and explore this unique proposition.

The costs involved in branding a full acrobatic team are considerable so this item was designed to build awareness of the opportunities the Blades present and provide recall when followed up. It has achieved this aim and will pay dividends. When followed up it was clear the plane had been made and was sitting on the desk of the audience, doing its job. The Blades are pleased to announce a new sponser for 2014!